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Montana Women’s Foundation Announces nearly $60,000 in Grants

Posted: August 4th, 2014

HELENA, MONT.—The Women’s Foundation of Montana, a project of the Montana Community Foundation, has made significant strides toward their goal of investing $100,000 for Montana women with the announcement of nearly $60,000in new grants to… [ MORE ]

Next-Generation Broadband Recommendations Released: Study: Public investment in fiber network would benefit business

Posted: July 29th, 2014

MISSOULA— The City of Missoula and Missoula County can play a game-changing role in determining a better broadband future for the businesses and community anchors that need ultra-fast, reliable Internet by investing in a 60-mile self-financed… [ MORE ]

Why is Montana’s Internet so slow?

Posted: July 14th, 2014

Our favorite quote from this article is: “When it comes to data transmission in the United States, Montana download speeds average a Model T rate of 15.61 Mbps compared with the nationwide family-sedan cruising at… [ MORE ]